Unix Shells

Our shell accounts are ideal for protection and management of IRC channels with eggdrops, psotnic bots and botpacks. Also used to stay connected to IRC 24/7 with BNC bouncers and conceal ones home IP/hostname using a vanity host. We also provide custom vhosts and private ips.

Our shell accounts are also perfect for educational or development purposes.
We have the globalized network to fit your hosting needs. Server locations are spread between multiple datacenters.

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Server List:


Allowed and Supported Daemons:

Not allowed:

  • Non-IRC Proxies. We have a separate Web Proxy service
  • Sharing of copyrighted material
  • Streaming services such as Teamspeak, Ventrilo, or Shoutcast
  • War/Drone/DoS bots, spam, phishing, scanning, exploits, flooding, or hacking tools.
  • Any illegal activity
  • If in doubt please consult Section C of our Terms of Service or ask us

All Shell Packages Include:

  • Same day account activation (average within hours)
  • No Service Setup Fees
  • Choice of Server and Location
  • Access to public IRC Virtual Hostnames (VHosts)
  • Custom/Private Vhosts Available
  • FREE IPv6 Custom/Private Vhosts
  • Personal Webspace (http://server.xzibition.com/~you)
  • Unlimited SSH (secure shell) and FTP Access
  • FreeBSD shell access
  • Easy to use automated installation scripts
  • Full Access to Compilers, UNIX programs & Crontab
  • Programming languages such as C/C++, Ruby, Perl, PHP, TCL & Python
  • Development/UNIX tools such as git, mercurial (hg), subversion (svn), automake, vim, gdb, nano, rsync & screen
  • Optional database access to MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Libraries such as mysqltcl, libcurl & openssl
  • Unmetered Bandwidth & Datatransfer
  • Network Monitoring, 14 Day Backup System
  • Fast, Free 24/7 Email & Live Technical Support